School Musical

We would like to congratulate everyone on the Amity Performance nights. You all did an amazing job!!


AMITY, some quotes from students about the night !!


2E's quotes from the Musical:


- J'ai aime danser. Au debut j'avais peur mais apres j'avais pas peur.—Ella.


 - Mon moment prefere, c'est le hip-hop.—Louis


- Moi j'ai aime quand ils ont fait le haka parce que c'est rigolo. La classe c'etait les year 5.  - Jacob


- 'ai bien aime le spectacle parce au'il y avait de l'ambiance.—Arthur


Quotes from students in 3/4 A


Gabe 3/4 A -  "I wasn't nervous and it was fun. My favourite song was 6EF."


Madeline 3/4 A - " I felt nervous but when I got on the stage I didn't felt nervous."


Ben 3/4 A -  "I felt really good on stage and I liked all the lights shining on us on the stage so people could see us in the spot light. My favourite part was when Leora snuck us in to watch the other 3/4's."


Ignacy 3/4A -  " I felt sparks in my stomach and I was super excited!"


Asher 3/4 A - "I felt sparks popping in my arms and my legs (excited)!"


Edith 3E  - "I felt really happy when I was on stage."


Tiffany 3/4 A -  "When I got on stage I felt like a firework was inside me like happiness."


Lucas 3/4 A -  "When I was on stage I felt really happy, nervous and excited. My favourite part was hanging out with all of my friends."


Logan 3/4 A  - "I really liked the lights in the production. My favourite song was OURS!"


PD  really enjoyed the show.


- J’ai adoré faire les batons du diable (Thomas)


- J’ai adoré lancer les foulards (Caoimhe)


- J’ai aimé quand c’était tout noir (Jules)


- J’ai aimé quand les rideaux se sont ouvert (Kenji)


- Moi je préfère quand Antoine et Ben ont fait le hoola hoop et le “oopsie” (Camille)


- J’ai aimé quand j’ai fait tourner le cerceau (Tom)


- J’ai aimé aller sur la scène (Héloise)


- J’ai aimé quand les gens ont applaudi et qu’on a fait le salut (Juliette)


- Moi j’ai aimé quand on chantait (Eleonore)


- Moi j’ai aimé quand on a fait Trolls (Sylvie)


- C’était très joli quand Adam a fait le baton du diable (Claudia)


- Moi j’ai aimé quand le rideau s’est fermé (Ben)


- J’ai aimé la lumière bleue quand les rideaux étaient fermés (Adam)


- J’ai aimé passer derrière la scène quand les autres chantaient (Antoine)


- Moi j’ai aimé quand on est allé sur la scène avec les lumières bleues (Leon)


- J’ai aimé quand les lumières étaient colourful et bougeaient (Cooper)


- J’ai aimé quand on est allé sur la scène (Celine)


- I liked it when we said “Hey" à Ben et Antoine parce qu’ils ont fait semblant de ne pas regarder (Milly)


- J’ai aimé when we were on the stage (Caitlin)


Look out everyone, I am sure that you will see quite a few of these young artists on stage or on TV one day!   Thank you PD for your hard work, you did an amazing performance. Thank you so much Sophie for teaching us circus skills, you are a star!!! Thanks Joel and Melissa for giving us the opportunity to experience such a big stage!



3/4B feedback about musical


The first night was scary on stage but the second night we got used to it (Zarah)

It was a really great experience for everyone (Marija)

It was really exciting because I never spoke in a microphone before. It was fun. (Noga)

I liked the Year 5s because they improved and I liked seeing everyone on the stage (Ashley)

Everything is awesome! (Hannah)

It was fun but at the same time it was scary (Shravani)

I liked the tribal performances (Boris)

I really liked the performance and next time I want to watch my little sister do her performance (Keren)

I really liked it and it was really fun but going on stage was scary (Noah)

I liked the Preps because they were cute and they were good at singing, and they weren’t shy in front of the audience even though it was their first time on a big stage (Daisy 3E)

I liked our song (Eve)

I liked all the songs, especially ours (Hannah)

First I was scared but on Wednesday I wasn’t scared and I was happy to be performing in front of my mum and dad (Yasmin)

Next time I’d like to see the Preps, Grade 1s and 2s (Nile 3E)

Class 1D


It was very special and nice for the parents to see us up on stage! (Safyia 1D)


It was really fun and I enjoyed moving and dancing! (Julien 1D)


I loved watching the Hip-hop! (Mimi 1D)


I liked how we all performed "We Are Australian!" (Marlene 1D)


I loved going into the audience when we sang and danced our finale song! (Cleo 1D)


The parents were delighted with us! (Rafael 1D)